CORe Institute for Christian Excellence (CICE)  offers training for congregations and leaders:

Learn to Read the Hebrew Bible in One Day

Learning outcome: The participants will be introduced to the Hebrew alphabet, vowel system, and punctuation to read the Hebrew Bible.

No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Develop the Mind of Christ

Learning outcome: Developing compassion, interpersonal communication, and authentic self-image.

This one-day seminar interweaves insights from the Bible and modern Psychology.

Chief Coach

Paulson Pulikottil, M. A. (psych), Ph. D., has taught Biblical Hebrew for over 33 years. He also contributed to the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (Sheffield Academic Press, 1993-). He did his doctoral work on the Large Isaiah Scroll from Qumran, the oldest Hebrew manuscript of the Book of Isaiah.



or text CICE to 9923947792.